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When those you trust do the unthinkable to those you loved.

Disturbing Peace - Coming Fall 2018

Disturbing Peace goes behind the scenes of the funeral industry and investigates those accused, tried and/or convicted of crimes against the dead. Many states receive hundreds of complaints against funeral home operators every year. Mishandling human remains, fraud, deceit (and cover ups within the funeral industry), are on the rise. Disturbing Peace  has been produced with the assistance of those on the front lines  - Funeral Directors, Embalmers & Industry Insiders!

An Industry Unto Itself..

Mortuary News digs up the dirt on the Funeral Industry and those who take advantage of grief stricken families at the most vulnerable time in their lives. Right now (in America), there are Funeral Directors, Funeral Homes, Crematoriums (and even Cemetery Operators), violating State laws  by cutting corners all for the sake of increasing their revenues. Mortuary News serves to protect consumers (not the Funeral Industry) .

Who Can You Trust? No One.

Trust no one within the funeral industry or cemetery industry on their word, a handshake or even through a written contract. Treat each death as ONE death. You have one chance to get it right. Even the most trusted hometown funeral home (which has been around for decades), should be vetted through your State Funeral Board website to review their latest inspection. Do NOT commit your loved one to a stranger - KNOW who you're entrusting your loved one to!

Report a Funeral Home, Director, Embalmer or Cemetery

The majority of complaints against funeral homes, directors, embalmers and cemeteries are filed by consumers. The funeral industry is protective of itself and as such, serious infractions can go unreported for weeks, months and even years. If you work at a funeral home (in any capacity) and know that human remains are being mistreated, send us an email and we'll file the report with the State. We'll even send a news crew to the funeral home and conduct an investigative report. 

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If you are a consumer, a funeral industry insider or have worked in a funeral home and have information concerning the mistreatment of human remains (and/or laws you suspect have been broken) and have a complaint, send us an email and we'll contact you. Email contents (and identifying information), is held in strict confidence, as we are a NEWS driven website. We are supported by news outlets. At no time will your name be released without your written consent.

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