Funeral Industry News - 10 Things Funeral Homes Don't want you to know!

Ten things funeral directors don't want you to know! Remember, Funeral Directors are there to SELL services you may or may not need! They are NOT your friends, they are purveyors of goods and services, nothing more. The only ONE who cares about your loved one is YOU!

Swanson Funeral Home Investigation

Swanson Funeral Home Investigation - families speak out! 

Funeral Home Horrors in Flint Michigan

A garage full of decomposing bodies, stained casket pillows, and loved ones mixed up at funerals.  These are the horror stories that emerged after the state shut down Swanson Funeral Home in Flint last month.

First Family Funeral Home Horror!

Body was to be cremated in 2015, found in Spartanburg funeral home! Do you really know what happens to your loved one after they are driven away in a  hearse or transport van? First Family left a body to decompose without regard to the decedent or the surviving family.

Mummified Bodies at Johnson Funeral Home

8 Melted, MUMMIFIED Bodies Were Found ABANDONED In Johnson Funeral Home!! out this great video. A reality TV show focused on the “soul and spice” of the Johnson Family Mortuary has been canceled as a real-life drama unfolds at the east Fort Worth funeral home.

FBI testing Remains in Body parts Case

FBI To Test More Human Remains In Funeral Home Investigation. Sunset Mesa was selling body parts. Cremains given to families contained cement mix and it was reported that gold teeth were plucked out of cadavers mouths to fund a trip to Disneyland. 

CBC News Special Report

CBC News takes hidden cameras into six funeral homes to see what the sales pitch looks like when you're dealing with the death of a loved one. 

Cantrell Funeral Home

A must watch piece. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs shut down Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit, located at 10400 Mack Ave. 

Mom Found in Cardboard Box in Garage

Andrews & Hardy Funeral Home story concerning a son, his mom and an $850.00 outstanding bill standing in the way of cremation.

Central Florida Casket Store

A Polk County woman is questioning the charges of a funeral home handling her daughter's final arrangements at the Central Florida Casket Store.

Tate funeral home

The horror report behind the Tate Funeral Home. 

E.H. Ford Mortuary in Tennessee

A Tennessee funeral home and its director have been fined more than $3,000 for reusing caskets without reupholstering them after they were rented by mourners. Caskets would then be reused up to 35 times and then given a wipe down. A former employee reported conduct earlier this year leading to an investigation. When the worker raised concerns to the owner he was fired.

Greenoaks an SCI Owned Funeral Home

Horrific photographs show a mixture of blood and embalming fluid streaming down a road outside Greenoaks Funeral Home in Baton Rouge on Thursday. 

Cremated remains of 300 found laid to rest

On Friday, Feb. 16, the unclaimed ashes of 300 individuals were blessed and put to rest at the New Calvary Cemetery in Flint Township. Some had been sitting in the funeral home for over 30 years. 

La Paloma Hands Out Wrong Cremains

Cremains mix ups happen all the time or, do they? In this story it's a case of Tale of Two Urns. 

Mortuary Mix Up!

A mortuary mix up no one wants to go through.  Inside the open casket at the funeral was the wrong woman. Leroy McDonald's 81-year-old mother died from lung cancer. His family admits, she looked much like the woman the New York funeral home sent for services. To make things worse, the licensed funeral home also cremated the wrong body.  

Making Dead Bodies beautiful

Have you ever thought about what you're going to look like when you're dead? Well for the girl you're about to meet it's exactly what she spends her days doing -  that is making dead bodies beautiful.

All state crematory - 75 Bodies Unrefrigerated

ABC 15 undercover crematory investigation getting results. This is a prime example of the funeral industry (and its trade industry Funeral Board State regulators) doing NOTHING to PREVENT this very thing from happening nationwide! Do State Funeral Boards exist to protect consumers or the industry? Funeral Industry News headlines.

Outrage after investigation?

Funeral homes are outraged after our investigation exposing a crematory. 

Families Plead with Funeral Board for Change

Families are demanding action and answers from the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Funeral Directors and Embalmers after a Team 5 investigation exposed how former Dorchester funeral home director Joseph O'Donnell operated without a license.