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Stealing money from pre-need contracts to the tune of $90,000. Is it wise to pre-pay for your funeral? Our answer would be NO. Your money is safer in savings account in your local bank then it would be with a funeral home which may or may not be around when your time comes.

Family unprepared for unprepared remains

Omaha Family Finds Body Unprepared At Funeral Home. Father found barely clothed in chapel when family arrived for viewing.

Body Left in hearse for 9 Days!

The owner of a Graham funeral home who police said left a body inside a hearse for nine days says his hands were tied because he didn't have the proper authority to dispose of the body.

Funeral Director stole $240,000 from families

Former funeral home director gets prison sentence! Funeral Director stole $240,000 from families.

More inspections needed!

There are more than 600 funeral homes and crematoriums in Indiana, but only 7.6 percent of them were inspected in 2014. Sarah Fentem reports on why the current inspection system is ineffective.

Pennine Funeral Home shut down

Police are now investigating whether any crime was committed and how the bodies came to rest. State health officials have ordered a local funeral home to immediately stop its operations after finding multiple bodies were stored improperly. Could have been there for TEN years!

Funeral director accused of abusing corpses

Police are looking for a funeral director is accused of stealing money and abusing corpses. Gundel Funeral Home is accused of these heinous crimes against the decedents and their families.

Young woman's body stolen from casket

A Texas family is desperate to be reunited with their daughter's body, which was taken from a private visitation area at Mission Park, a San Antonio funeral home.

Forest Park an SCI owned property

One family says a local funeral home switched their 22-year-old daughter's casket. Forest Park (an SCI owned property) botches funeral according to the family.

Funeral Home Closed After 40 Bodies Found

A Maryland board has suspended the license of a Riverdale funeral home after an inspector found what seemed to be 40 bodies in body bags in its garage last month.

40 bodies found in abandoned mausoleum

Questions Remain For Cranston’s Abandoned Mausoleum. More than a dozen bodies have been removed from the condemned Roger Williams Park Mausoleum, but questions remain about what will happen next.

sci owned forest oaks leaking casket

Nearly three decades after James Holley's death, the Forest Oaks Cemetery told his widow that his casket had to be removed from its mausoleum crypt -- it was leaking a mysterious fluid.

Bankrupt cullman mausoleum

Fluids leaking at Cullman mausoleum to undergo testing. Bankrupt Cullman Mausoleum in disrepair.

"My Bad" vs. The apology

A worker said "my bad" after he apparently kicked the mechanism that lowers the casket, causing it to drop and open slightly during the service.

Funeral Home cut legs off loved one

Authorities revoked the licenses of a South Carolina funeral home and its director after he admitted one of his employees cut the legs of a 6-foot-7 man without the family's permission so the corpse would fit in a casket.

Belle Glade funeral home shut down

Accused of mishandling deceased loved ones.

Toby Pulley Charges with ripping off families

Authorities say elderly clients were paying Toby Pulley (a funeral director with multiple funeral homes) for services he would render in the future but that never happened. Her was arrested for smoking METH in one of his hearses.

Alpha Funeral Services Combing remains

The former director of an Indianapolis funeral home claims he was ordered to combine random human remains to cover for missing medical cadavers.

Deputies take 17 bodies from funeral home

Stanislaus County sheriff's deputies went into a Modesto funeral home on Friday and removed 17 bodies because the facility was taking to long to cremate the remains.

Funeral Home charged with 278 counts

Funeral Home charged with 278 counts of various charges. The former Dorchester funeral home director who was the focus of a Team 5 investigation in March now faces hundreds of charges. Funeral News.